What we do

We are a indie game development studio that create adult anime/hentai games. We try our best to create games that our customers will enjoy and come back to play again. We are all about feedback and community ideas. If you want to see a new feature in one of our games or even have a game idea then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are very friendly and mainly communicate using our Twitter/Discord


We are a very friendly team.


We love getting your feedback / ideas on our current / up-coming titles.


We create hentai games that you want to play.


You can connect with us via our Twitter or Discord

Our Team

Our game development team currently consists of 2 main members. 1 programmer and 1 Marketer. We also have 4 freelance artists who enjoy spending there time making art work for us.

News / Info

Sneak Peak!

Here is a little snip of some prototyping that we are currently doing for our new game! If you want to get daily tweets about what we are currently working on / early previews of art then please follow us on twitter @SquidsAround!

A new Hentai Game in the works!

We are currently planning for our next Hentai Game. More information will be up soon!

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